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Package information
Number of properties which can be activated: 10
Contract period: 6 months
Basic package price per month: 0.00 € *
Costs per sent offer: 5.50 € *

* If applicable, plus VAT.

The trial offer is only for new customers.
The basic services of the online package "localis Test" are free of charge for the specified period (e.g. online presentation of properties). Costs are only incurred when sending property offers (offer charges) or for additional property advertisements (property of the week). The sending of property offers as well as property advertisements are optional additional services and their usage is therefore liable to costs.
During the "localis Test" trial period or after its expiry it is possible to book a different online package (liable to costs).

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According to legal regulations you might have to publish the specifications below in the online presentation of your offered properties. Without a proper legal notice third parties might take legal steps against you, resulting in significant costs. Further information

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